Padre Costantino Capobianco to Padre Pio: “I want to die before you do so you can assist me.” Padre Pio: “Do you think I cannot come from Heaven?”


Padre Giuseppantonio in Heaven

Padre Giuseppantonio da San Marco in Lamis was ill in the Foggia convent. On December 29, 1936 Padre Pio was asked by Padre Giacinto da Sant’Elia a Pianisi to pray for him because his health was deteriorating. That night, at about 2:00 AM on December 30, somebody knocked at Padre Pio’s door. Padre Giuseppe entered in the room. Padre Pio told him: “How are you doing? They told me that you were gravely ill and now I see you here.” Padre Giuseppantonio: “I’m well. All my suffering has ended, and I came to thank you for your prayers.” Then he disappeared. In the morning Padre Pio told Padre Bernardo da Alpicella what had happened. Nobody knew yet that Padre Giuseppe had died. Later they found out that he had died at the same time that he had visited Padre Pio.

From Purgatory to Paradise

In the convent of San Giovanni Rotondo one evening the friars heard music and a choir singing. Nobody that they knew could be performing at that time of the day. They went to Padre Pio, who was absorbed in prayer, and asked him about it. “So, what? Why are you marveling? Those are the voices of the angel taking the souls from Purgatory to Paradise!”

Thanks from the souls

A friar testified: “We were all in the dining room when Padre Pio got suddenly up and walked at steady pace to the door of the convent. He opened it and started having a conversation. The two friars that went with him didn’t see anybody and started thinking that something might be wrong with Padre Pio. On the way back to the dining area Padre Pio explained. “Don’t worry. I was talking to some souls on their way from Purgatory to Paradise. They came to thank me that I remembered them today in the Mass.”[50]

The soul of Padre Vittore da Canosa

Carmela Marocchino’s brother Padre Vittore da Canosa died suddenly on January 29, 1958. Carmela asked Padre Pio why the sudden death. “Do you know what Jesus did of your brother? Jesus went into the garden, and there were many flowers, and one was more beautiful than the others. He leaned on the most beautiful and picked it.” Is he saved?” Yes, but we need to pray.” On July 29 she asked again if he was saved. “My daughter, we priests are more responsible in front of God. Let’s continue praying.” On December 29, 1958 she asked again were her brother was. “He is in Paradise.”


Pasqualino Campanile

Nina Campanile’s brother Pasqualino died in combat on September 26, 1916. Her mom sent Nina with her teacher Vittorina Ventrella to ask Padre Pio if Pasqualino was saved. “Yes he is saved, but he needs your prayers.” She asked again on Christmas 1918. Padre Pio said: “He is up there!”