She wrote these words in her diary. Faustyna Kowalska (1905 – 1938) at the request of the Lord Jesus: “reading these writings, they will receive consolation in their souls and take courage to draw closer to Me”.
If you read them, they are for you.

Listen: “Let no soul be afraid to approach Me, even if its sins were like scarlet”. The Lord Jesus wants you to come closer to Him and not to be afraid. Start with confession. Listen: “When you go to confession, to this source of mercy, my soul and blood that flows from my heart always flow over your soul and ennoble your soul (…) I myself am waiting for you in the confessional, I cover myself only priest. Tell souls where to look for children, this is at the tribunal of mercy; there are the greatest miracles that are constantly repeated. To gain this miracle, just go to my deputy’s feet with faith and tell him your misery”. Woe to the dismissive. “If they run away from My merciful heart, they will fall into My righteous hands.” “Write that I always wait for them, I listen to their heartbeat when it hits me.”

If he finally hits Jesus, you will want to be a “fisher of men.” “I want, I want the salvation of souls: help me, my daughter, to save souls.”

What to do?

“You will combine prayer, fasting, mortification, work and all suffering with prayer, fasting, mortification, work and my suffering, and then they will have power before my Father.”

“One hour of contemplating my painful torment has more merit than a whole year of scourging into the blood. I like the most when you consider my painful torment: combine your suffering with my painful torment so that they have infinite value before my majesty. “

“You will save more souls with prayer and suffering than a missionary alone through teachings and sermons.” Pray as much as you can for the dying. Know that the grace of salvation for some souls hangs from your prayer at the last moment. “

At this point, I want to persuade you, my friend, that from today you will have the resolution to pray for the dying chaplet of Divine Mercy at least once a day. Listen: “When I entered the chapel, the Lord told me: My daughter, help save a dying sinner: say the chaplet I taught you. When I began to say this chaplet, I saw him dying in terrible torments and fights. He was defended by a Guardian Angel, but he was as if powerless against the greatness of this soul’s misery; a whole lot of satans were waiting for this soul. However, when I was praying for this lace, I saw Jesus in the form he is painted in this picture. The rays that came from the Heart of Jesus enveloped the sick and the powers of darkness escaped in panic. The patient gave his last breath calmly. Satan confessed to me: a thousand souls do me less harm than you do when you speak of the Almighty’s mercy. ”

The strength of God’s Mercy called by words of chaplet of mercy all powers. It is like a sword of mercy that rebels evil spirits. And so?

                                       “Store your treasures in heaven” (Mt 6:20).

“Write it for many souls who often worry that they have no material things to do mercy through them. However, the mercy of the spirit, which requires neither permission nor a granary, has a much greater merit and is accessible to all souls. Oh, if souls could accumulate eternal treasures, they would not be judged – anticipating my courts with mercy. “

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